Who We Are

Spiritual Centers of America  (SCOA) is a safe and engaging community made up of Spiritual Centers that address all areas of spiritual growth.

SCOA provides education for those who seek spiritual growth and a greater understanding of life’s eternal progression here and hereafter.

SCOA has alliances with individuals and institutes that focus on practices relating to raising human consciousness.

The Centers

Each Center is created to support your personal path in various areas of spiritual exploration and development.

Some of our centers include the following:

Harmony Harbor

Energetic weekly spiritual experience through inspiration, prayer and music. This Center welcomes all ages ages supporting spiritual growth. 

Adult Enrichment Center

This group meets for education and philosophical discussions that are thought provoking and designed to broaden your perspective.

Spiritual Healing Center

The art of Spiritual Healing is timeless and can be acquired with guidance. This Center provides training as well as healing to those in need.

Spiritual Medium Center

Our experts will instruct, guide and mentor those who are seeking to deepen their intuition as well as those who are more advanced.

Virtual Classes and Events

SCOA provides education in many areas of Spiritual Growth. Our seminar leaders have personal experience and research in each of the areas they present.  Our virtual community creates a diverse gathering of kindred souls that may journey together.

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An Invitation to Join

SCOA is a spiritual family of like-minded people dedicated to exploring personal spiritual enlightenment. We’re glad you are considering SCOA.

SCOA offers diverse programs through our Spiritual Enrichment and Education Centers.   As you explore these Centers, we trust you will find your spiritual fit.

Benefits of membership include

  • Being a part of this vibrant community
  • Member only programs
  • Discounts on paid events and classes

By growing together we can center our souls to align with Spirit and elevate human consciousness!

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We can’t do this alone

It’s through your generous donations that make this virtual community possible to bring you the best and brightest spiritual mentors. Your support does make a difference no matter how much you are able to give.

All donations are welcome to support your spiritual journey. Each donation is recorded, and a statement of giving is prepared annually and sent to you should you need it for personal reasons.