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We’re glad you are considering volunteering for Spiritual Centers of America. SCOA has a diversity of volunteer positions available for you to explore and we are confident that you will find one or more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Spiritual Centers of America would not exist if it weren’t for individuals just like you. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about elevating human consciousness and volunteer service, you’re our kind of people. Thank you for considering SCOA. We look forward to reviewing your application.


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I am applying to volunteer with Spiritual Centers of America, Inc and understand that my application will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees and that I will be meeting with the BOT through electronic means prior to approval. I understand that filling out this application does not guarantee volunteerism with this organization. I understand that I will be subject to a background check and will comply with restrictions mandated by SCOA’s insurance company prior to my application approval. I certify I am over the age of 18. (Enter your full name as your electronic signature)
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Areas of Expertise/Interest

Administrative Division

Director, Administration Division
Events Planning Center
Scheduling Center

Advocacy Division

Director, Advocacy Division
Code of Conduct Center
Conflict Resolution Center

Education Division

Director, Education Division
Adult Enrichment Center
Youth Enrichment Center
Ministry Center
Spiritual Medium Center
Spiritual Healing Center

Financial Division

Director, Financial Division
Budget/Finance Center
Scholarship Center
Endowment Center
Charitable Giving Fund Center

Governing Division

Director, Governing Division
Bylaws Center
Policies/Procedures Center
Nominating Center

Membership Division

Director, Membership Division
Membership Forecast Center
Membership Outreach Center
Membership Support Center

Promotional Division

Director, Promotional Division
Advertising/Marketing Center
Web Center
Social Media Center
Program Production Center
Publications Center

Spiritual Expression Division

Director, Spiritual Expression Division
Harmony Harbor Spiritual Center
Spiritual Counseling Center
Intergenerational Center
Spiritual Fitness Center

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