Spiritual Centers of America (SCOA) is a virtual community of like-minded individuals and affiliates.

We have a passion for exploring personal spiritual enlightenment and raising human consciousness through education and spiritual practices.

Become a Member

Membership to SCOA is available to all those who value alignment with those same beliefs. We do not prescribe to any particular religion. You are welcome, regardless of any previous or current religious affiliation.

(SCOA is a spiritual organization, therefore SCOA membership will not violate any terms of memberships through various religious affiliations.)

Prior to submitting the Associate Membership Application, attendance to an informational meeting is required. You will have an opportunity to have any of your questions answered during the meeting. Convenient dates and times for these meetings are arranged by contacting In addition, you are encouraged to become familiar with the various programs offered through the SCOA Centers. We encourage you to subscribe to our weekly emailings.

We take privacy seriously. The information you send is kept confidential and never sold or shared without your express permission. The Board of Trustees reviews all applications. Associate memberships are considered trial memberships.  They will be eligible for full membership after the 1-year Associate Membership is fulfilled and dues are paid. They are received by the Board for review. Dues are paid annually on your anniversary date. Memberships become effective at the Board approval date and dues are received.

Membership Levels

Junior membership

Junior members are under the age of 18. They have a voice at annual membership meetings, but no vote.

Associate and Full Members

Associate and full members in good standing over the age of 18 have a voice and a vote at annual membership meetings

For more information about the benefits of different levels of memberships, submit your inquiry at

Along with individual memberships, SCOA has affiliations with other like-minded organizations (see Affiliates page). All affiliations have been researched and are enthusiastically endorsed by SCOA. We encourage you visit those sites as well.

We trust that you will find membership to SCOA spiritually rewarding. We look forward to welcoming you to our spiritual family!