Become an Affiliate

Spiritual Centers of America (SCOA) values networking and establishing mutually beneficial affiliations with other spiritual groups and organizations (groups).

SCOA and its affiliates understand that the propagation of global spirituality is imperative to educate, evolve and raise human consciousness.

Sharing diverse cultural philosophies and scientific discoveries are the foundational functions of spiritual affiliations. When considering a mutual affiliation, it is important for us to become familiar with one another’s missions and values. In addition, we recommend and welcome open communication. Let’s get to know each other!

Affiliation, by design, is meant to be mutually beneficial. Outlined below are some of the most common advantages of establishing a relationship with SCOA.

  • SCOA insures that the affiliation group leader/s will receive weekly activity notifications via email.
  • The group’s name and website link will be posted on the SCOA website.
  • The group may link SCOA to their website.
  • Upon request, special events will be posted on the Calendar of Events and announced through the appropriate channels.
  • The affiliation leadership may hold regional and global meetings in order plan for the future, share latest discoveries and maintain unified and cohesive relationships.
  • Each group affiliation is independent and operates independently from SCOA and holds no agent relationship status.
  • In order to comply with the IRS tax exempt status, SCOA group affiliates must adopt and maintain a position of political neutrality.
  • SCOA reserves the right to accept, deny or terminate group affiliation/s at any time.

Other affiliate considerations:

  • All groups should actively engage in expanding their networks to include other groups that focus on current scientific research and spiritual education.
  • Diverse ideologies and perspectives are important aspects of spiritual expansion.
  • Mutually respectful communications should be practiced at all times.

More and more people are seeking to explore non-traditional spiritual pathways to gain better understandings of life’s challenges. There is a hungering for guidance through spiritual methodologies that are not taught from structured long standing faith based practices. Together, we can be instrumental in assisting the seekers by demystifying the directional quandary and through shedding our light upon the evolution of human consciousness.