A virtual community where we support your spiritual path through love and understanding. SCOA is a new community consisting of centers that address all areas of spiritual growth. When you experience the community of SCOA, you will enter a safe and engaging community.

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The Centers

Each Center is created to support your personal path, lending various areas of spiritual exploration and development.

Harmony Harbor
Spiritual Center

A weekly gathering of like-minded souls seeking inspiration through music, inspirational readings and talks , prayer and meditation.

Healing Center

Our instructors teach spiritual healing to those interested in learning and healing oneself or others.

Medium Center

Develop your intuition into mediumship through instruction, practice, and mentorship.

Our MISSION is to promote spiritual education through
encouraging personal introspection and growth for all.

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Welcome to Spiritual Centers of America! SCOA is a spiritual family of like-minded people dedicated to exploring personal spiritual enlightenment. We’re glad you are considering SCOA.

SCOA offers diverse programs through Spiritual Enrichment Centers. As you explore these Centers, we trust you will find your spiritual fit. Some programs will only be offered to members. Depending on your choice of membership, classes and workshops may be available to you at discounted pricing.

Let’s grow together and center our souls to align with Spirit and elevate human consciousness!

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Legacy Contributions

Because of your legacy contribution you become one of our philanthropic partners. We are able to provide this community with the right tools for education, inspiration and research. SCOA is a not for profit that works with you to ensure your financial gift is used in the manner you intended.

Spiritual Centers of America
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and Payments

We can’t do this alone. It’s through your generous donations that make this virtual community possible to bring you the best and brightest spiritual mentors. Your support does make a difference no matter how much you are able to give. 


All donations are welcome to support your spiritual journey. Each donation is recorded, and a statement of giving is prepared annually and sent to you should you need it for tax purposes.

All transactions are kept confidential through our secure site.

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If you’re looking to connect with your spiritual side or seeking guidance, consider contacting the Spiritual Centers of America today. With a vast network of centers and practitioners throughout the United States, they can help connect you with spiritual guidance that aligns with your beliefs and values.