Classes & Events

Spiritual Centers of America strives to provide a diverse mix of educational classes, workshops and seminars throughout the year. Some presentations are repeated to assist those who are new to our community. Classes are offered over two or more days and are usually held in two to four hour sessions. All instructors are qualified, knowledgeable and proficient presenters.

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Spiritual Centers of America engages skilled instructors who specialize in their chosen field of expertise. Workshops may be scheduled up to two years in advance depending on the instructor’s availability. Workshops are offered as one time events usually lasting two to four hours.


Seminars are offered to bring in depth coverage of a topic. Seminars may meet weekly over the course of four to five months. There may be required reading to foster discussion and homework involved. All instructors are considered qualified specialists.

Book Reviews with the Author

Meet authors who have written books about the latest spiritual understandings, philosophies, and scientific research and findings concerning life after death. The Book Review Center offers a unique opportunity to speak with the author directly, gain their insights and discuss their featured book. When we bring you these authors, this may be your only chance to actually meet and have a conversation with them on their writings. This year we have several authors who are authorities in many areas of Spiritual Development, coming to you free of change. The Book Review meets monthly.

The following are ongoing seminars and workshops.
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Harmony Harbor

Harmony Harbor is a sacred hour of inspiration, music, healing and meditation designed to soothe and rejuvenate your soul. Let’s join together as we celebrate our Eternal Life Source and collective spirituality. Come be a part of this uplifting experience. All are welcome to join this gathering.

Time: Sundays at 4PM Central Time

Spiritual Medium Center

The Spiritual Medium Center offers a nurturing environment to comfort those who seek to bridge the divide between Earth and the Spirit World. Through mediumship, experience the profound peace of understanding that life continues.  Mediums are available to connect you with deceased loved ones and friends.

Time: Every other Sunday at 3PM Central Time 

Adult Enrichment Program

The Adult Enrichment Center offers educational and lively philosophical thought provoking discussions. Join in the conversation as we seek to explore our diverse life views. Enrich, expand and enlighten your spiritual perspective. This gathering meets every Thursday at 7 PM Central Time.

Time: Thursdays at 7PM Central Time.

Spiritual Healing Center

The Spiritual Healing Center offers a guided meditation with soothing music and one-on-one healing for all who attend. Healers will use various modalities depending on their training. Experience the healing connection to our Life Source as the energy flows through the Healers.

Time: Every other Sunday at 3PM Central Time