The Centers

Spiritual Expression Division

Harmony Harbor Spiritual Center

Harmony Harbor is a weekly spiritual gathering providing inspiration, music and prayer. Join us to experience the peace and joy that rejuvenates the soul.

Book Review Center

This Center connects with acclaimed authors who have written books on the various areas of spirituality. Each month an author presents a discussion group reviewing the book they are highlighting.

Education Division

Adult Enrichment Center

The Adult Enrichment Center provides refreshing new ways to interpret the complexities of life here and here after. Join in weekly discussions about diverse subjects concerning spirituality and the philosophical principles of life.

Spiritual Medium Center

The Spiritual Medium Center is a sacred gathering space for you and Spirit. Mediums help reunite you with deceased loved ones. Come experience the comfort of knowing that death is not the end but a change in the way we experience life hereafter.

Spiritual Healing Center

The Spiritual Healing Center is designed to assist you on your journey back to optimum health. Healers direct the healing energy of our Life Source to you. Set your cares aside, relax the mind and body and let the healing begin; body, mind and spirit.

Additional Centers

SCOA consists of several additional centers to provide a robust set of resources for our community. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting or facilitating any of the Centers listed below.

Spiritual Expression Division

  • Spiritual Fitness Center
  • Intergenerational Center

Education Division

  • Youth Enrichment Center
  • Ministry Center

Advocacy Division

  • Code of  Conduct Center 
  • Conflict Resolution Center

Governing Division

  • Bylaws Center
  • Policies/Procedures Center
  • Nominating Center

Financial Division

  • Budget & Finance Center
  • Scholarships Center
  • Endowments Center

Administrative Division

  • Special Events Center
  • Scheduling Center

Media Division

  • Advertising/Marketing Center
  • Web Center
  • Social Media Center
  • Program Production Center
  • Publications Center

Membership Division

  • Membership Development Center
  • Membership Outreach Center
  • Membership Support Center
  • Church Resource Center